Reflection: Defining our life story through our online data

We create meaning of our own lifes by thinking back on our experiences as truthful events in a linear narrative. This narrative is our life story, our own perception of ourself. By keeping old photographs, artefacts and other symbols of our past we help construct this story.

Online we also construct a story of ourself. Facebook posts about our accomplishments, tweets about our interest or with our jokes, and Instagram photos of our aesthetic lifes. They tell a story we feel good about projecting out to the world.

When both these online and physical artefacts intertwine, they define a complex and rich tale of who we are and what are lifes are like. When we pass away and these symbols are left, they define an outline of ourself that the people who knew us well then use to color in their memories of us.

We give the belongings, artefacts and symbols that tell our true story great value. The things that we would run for first if our house burns down. But what about our online relics? Why do we not cherish our facebook posts the same?

Phase 2Jens Obel