Research: Writing an auto-biography


Reflection and closure, meaningful legacy, other history, unique perspective.

1. Timeline

Family history, childhood, teenage years, education, career, children.

2. Characters

Helpers and enemies, family, relationships.

3. Anecdotes

Childhood story, coming of age story, falling in love, identity crisis, the big challenge.

Your home, community or neighbourhood. Parenting or adoption. Mentor or friend. Business success. 

4. Context

Historical events, politics, the world.

5. Theme

Red thread, recurring theme.

6. Style

Honest, detailed, personal.


  • What is your favorite memory of the deceased?
  • Is there something that the deceased told you that you will always remember?
  • What kinds of traditions did you have with the deceased?
  • How long did you know them for?
  • How did you first meet the deceased?

Phase 2Jens Obel