Idea: Ghost Writer v2

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Step 1

You sign up for the service, and you connect your social profiles, digital files ans so on.

Step 2

Ghost Writer than asks you simple questions that starts with the basics, like your parents names and so on. It finds life events that could be important and asks you about them. It uses photos, audio, everything it finds about you.

It then asks about how you feel about certain details. Like an interviewer or a therapist (Eliza). It asks what songs you where listening to at the time.

Step 3

After a while you can see your timeline and how much you have elaborated about certain events. You can then jump to a time and start writing about it.

Step 4

When you have filled out your timeline to a certain extent, you can choose to see what the output looks like. By entering preview mode you will see a separate webpage with an introduction written by Ghost Writer and all your anecdotes curated in a narrative.

After using Ghost Writer for a while, you can choose to share the webpage. Or print it as a book. Maybe you can choose to share only certain anecdotes with people.

The publication would be named so you know when you wrote it. If you then publish more books through your life, the books will represent your memories from different stages in life.

Step 5

When you pass away, Ghost Writer turns all your anecdotes into a chatbot. By using all the question Ghost Writer has asked you over the years, it can flip it around and answer the person chatting with your bot with your anecdotes.

If it doesn't have an answer it will reply with "Oh, I don't remember anymore. But I remember that...".

Phase 2Jens Obel