Reflection: Research insights

Opportunity: The connection between planning and remembrance.

Opportunity: The connection between planning and remembrance.

People avoid thinking about their own death.

"People don't want to think about their death. So they don't think of the planning or the will. This is one of the reasons we organise discussions about death." – Katarina

People are not ready to deal with legacy of their loved one right after they have passed away.

"I learned quickly that people are not ready for thinking about [legacy] when they come to us. I may ask them if I should put the obituary online, but that's it." – Frank

Grieving is about creating new stories about the deceased place in our daily life.

"Grief is not just a farewell or phasing out of the deceased's place among the living, but just as much an installation of new stories that continuously negotiates the dead's place in the world." – Kjetil and Dorte, Paper

There is a new tendency to have a more continuous dialogue with our deceased.

"People don't let go of their loved ones as strongly as before. Today we see more that the relationship changes. We internalise them in our daily lives." – Kjetil Sandvik



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