Reflection: Who would want to share their life story?

When thinking about sharing a life story, I picture an old man sitting by the fireplace in a rocking chair and blanket talking to his grand children sitting on the floor. But is that the only scenario we share reflections on our life?

The word biography hints at great accomplishments and fame. Is it only celebrities that write biographies? 

The idea of recording your life history seems a little vane, and self absorbed. But as I grow older I can feel myself becoming more interested in the personal histories of people in my family. So what if I test a life story tool on my grandparents?

My grandfather is 85 and has recently been through a series of surgeries. He is growing old, but is still very sharp. Would he be interested in capturing his life story writing on a computer? With the help of an A.I.? Who would he be writing to? Himself? His children? Me? Will promts based on old photos be something that inspires him, or does he need a personal request from someone interested in his stories?


Phase 2Jens Obel