Reflection: Mid way review

Question looking forward:

What is the motivation behind telling your life story?

“It’s kind of like teaching. You learn something when sharing, even though you already know the story.”

“I want to pass on my life learnings and mistakes. So my kids have access when they are ready to listen, and feel they are not the only ones in that situation.”

How would you like to share your life story with a loved one?

“I would want to write directly to them, so they know it’s from me, but they can read it when they are susceptible.”

How do we currently preserve our digital legacy?

Print our photos
Make video compilations

Which digital data can be used to tell your life story?


Feedback from Isaac and Tobias:

There seems to be a human need for passing on stories as we grow older.

Why writing?

What if it was a multistep process?

Check out P5-Rita language.

What about telling stories to the dead as therapy?

Look at the language Facebook and Google uses around death.

Check out the Marina Abromovich exhibit at Luisiana.

The questions are spot on

What about telling your stories to get rid of them – you feel light.

Memoir not biography.

Focus on thought provoking, experiment and play, subjective.

What about being forgotten, decay?

What if you write to yourself?

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