Reflection: Ghost Writer Concept Summary


Ghost Writer is an experimental writing assistant that helps you write your memoirs. By analyzing your social media data it gives you inspiring writing prompts based on photos, friendships, and events from your life.

Ghost Writer helps you pass on your life experiences and simultaneously preserve your important online artifacts. As you write about your experiences you can choose to share each chapter with someone or publish everything as a collection.


We all have an inherent human need to pass on stories from our life. But this need is perhaps strongest when a baby is born in the family, or you lose someone close to you. This typically happens later in life.

People born in the late 20th century has grown up with a growing focus on personal story telling, through social media and the internet. What medium will they choose to pass on their stories for the next generations?

My goals:

Create a beautiful web experience that puts the user in contemplative, reflective mood and makes them think of their own mortality and legacy.

Address the human need to pass on life stories, in an era of constant personal storytelling on social media.

Use narrative techniques to engage the user in a story about themselves created in collaboration with a machine.


What kind of data from social media is effective as prompts for writing about your life?

Are there other ways I can increase collaboration between writer and computer?

In what format do we want to leave our life stories behind after we are gone?

Phase 3Jens Obel