Reflection: Use case


Jeff is 62 and has just become a grandparent to a healthy little girl, born in the year 2028. As Jeff reflexts on the responsibilties of being a grandparent he thinks of how humans have passed on knowledge telling stories since the beginning of time.

Jeff decides he wants to pass on his life knowledge from his career as an entrepenuer, and his experiences from a time where the internet was still new and exciting. He also wants his stories to live on, so his grand daugther can have them with her when she grows up.


Jeff searches for guides on writing an auto-biogaphy on YouTube, and feels motivated by the tips on how to get started: Start by writing to someone, make a timeline of important events and use photos to evoke memories. But Jeff is also daunted by the size of the task.

Later that week he sees an Facebook post about a writing assistant called Ghost Writer that helps you write your biography using an A.I. and your digital data. Jeff is sceptical to let an algorithm write his brilliant thoughts for him, but clicks the link.

Sign up

Imidietly Jeff feels that this is different. This does not look like any of the thousands of A.I. startups that aim to make everything faster and more efficient. You even have to type the words yourself, instead of just talking as all the other smart assistants. It looks like a simple writing tool.

The first step of the service is creating a timeline of Jeff's life. The assistant ask Jeff to give it access to his Facebook timeline and Instagram account. Jeff has not filled in much information on his Facebook, so the assistant asks him some simple question to fill in the gaps. After a couple of questions a timeline of Jeff's life appears on the bottom of the screen, complete with entries for important life events, such as when he first visited San Francisco or when he met his wife.


Intro, recipient, promts, flow. Zooming in and out.

Why writing, not speech?


Traditions, change, historical events, life knowledge, new instagram photos,

What data is used? How is it used?


Sharing one chapter as a letter. Using over time. Adding events or photos.


Editing biography. Creating structure. Crafting narrative.


Closing the book and sharing. Chatbot?

After life

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