Research: Interview about memory book for grandparents

Julie has gave both her grandmothers a memory book called 'Tell me, Grandma' 3-4 years ago. Julie has two children and are married. Both her grandfathers have passed away.

Her husband has also given books to his grandparents.


The book required explaining for her conservative grandmother to engage. But she engaged when she understood that the book was for Julie's sake.

The meaning of the book was self-evident to her liberal grandmother. She engaged happily and wrote a lot.

Older generations don't like self-promoting as much as out generation.

We like talking about situations where we are the protagonist.

It was important to Julie to know more about their lifes.

The book enabled conversations about new topics for her conservative grandmother.

Julie gavotte books as a gift in person. Her husband preferred to mail the books, then explain on the phone.

Julie is very glad she did it before it was too late.

Her conservative grandmother engaged in topics about having children, grandchildren. She engaged in topics where she had made an active choice.

Her liberal grandmother engaged in stories about her education, which was special for women at the time. Anecdotes about the liberation after the German occupation.

Some of the prompts in the books did not engage because of the generation gap.

Some of the prompts was from a Childs perspective since the book is typically ment for children to give to their grandparents.

Typical topics both her grandmothers engaged in was children and family history.

But Julie was most interested in their personal feelings behind events.

It helped a lot that the book asked them to put in photos. That sparked memories and conversations.

Julie wants to make more copies of the book to her children,

Julie also wants her parents to fill out such books for her children.

For Julie the most important part is capturing stories for later generations and having a good conversation about something deeper than usual. 

If Julie had a smart digital version she would like to include funny personal statistic from digital platforms and export stories for special events, like anniversaries or weddings.


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