Planning: My starting point


Starting point

After life care. What happens up to, and especially after for relatives, friends and loved ones? What role does the internet play in this? How do religious community use or not use social media in relation to death?

Where to start?

Start talking to experts in the field. Understand the system. Then try to get in touch with users through experts.

  • Doctor – Hospital
  • Undertaker – Funeral home
  • Preacher/Imam – Religious community
  • Psychiatrist – Private practice?
  • Grief counsellor – Hospital?
  • Nurse – Care facility
  • Lawyer – Private practice?

Talk to people directly affected by death in their private life. Are they passionate about something? What is their story with death? 

  • People who have lost someone and organised afterwards
  • People who maintain a memorial Facebook page
  • People who have participated in online memorial ritual

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