Reflection: Why design the way we die online?


Death is a valuable and important part of society and life, someone said to me. Why? It makes us humble. It makes us reflect on ourself. Things we normally don't like to do in our daily lifes. Maybe that's why death is so little talked about.

The taboo of death is not only harmfull for our relationships and mentality, but also puts us in problematic situation when we eventually lose someone we love. What do we do with the belongings that were so important to them? How would they want to be remembered?

These problems funeral directors and estate lawyers have helped us with for centuries. But today all this is more complex. What do we want to leave behind online, and what do we want to keep secret? How do we make it easier to fulfill our last wishes for those left behind? And how do we tell the stories of our dead in a constantly changing, but everlasting online archive?

Do we want to live forever through the footprints we leave behind online?

Phase 1Jens Obel