The Vigeland Museum

Gustav Vigeland(1869–1943) was a Norwegian scultpor, famous for the enormous sculptur park in Oslo. The Vigeland Museum was built in 1921 as an atelier for Vigeland while he was working on the park. It was paid for by Oslo Municipality and in return all Vigelands works was donated to the the municipal after his death. Today it is a museum, displaying works from through out Vigeland career.

The part of the building that served as Vigelands studio until his death has huge ceilings and sky windows. The rooms also have a little balcony close to the ceiling. I imagine this was for looking at the enormous plaster sculptures being built for the park.

The Frogner Park is close by the museum. It is the world's largest sculpture park made by one artist. It consists of 212 bronze and granite sculptures all created by Vigeland. It took twenty years to complete, from 1921 to 1943, three years after the German occupation of Norway during the The Second World War.

PhotographyJens Obel