Project: Uncanny Senses

Uncanny Senses challenges our perception of machine sensors. The creature like movements and hyperreal sensor organs give the audience freedom to anthropomorphize the servo-bots and at the same time depict how human senses are fundamentally different from sensors.

This project was done together with James Zhou and Sebastian Hunkeler, in the one week course “Basic Physical Computing” taught by Ubi De Feo.

Uncanny Senses is a project featuring three servo motor robots that mimic the human senses of sight, sound, and touch. Each servo bot has a plaster casted sense organ molded from the facial features of the three team members. They are composed of an Arduino microcontroller, two servo motors, and a sensor that corresponds to one of the human senses. The sight bot has an infrared proximity sensor, the sound bot has a noise level sensor and the touch bot has a capacity touch sensor.

Project, CIIDJens Obel