Workshop: Interaction Design at CIID Summer School

The workshop was called 'Intro to 2D Digital Experiences'

The workshop was called 'Intro to 2D Digital Experiences'

This summer I spent a week helping Blair Johnsrud teach a workshop on interaction design at the CIID Summer School.

We gave the students an introduction to interaction design principles through designing apps. We went through some of the early history of the field, outlined some basic vocabulary, and then did a deep dive into modern working practices.

The CIID Summer School consists of  a lot of week long courses, aimed at everyone from beginner to expert, which they organise every July in Copenhagen. Blair taught the first workshop I attended in 2016, so it was especially fun to be teaching my first CIID workshop with him.

The Summer School was organised in collaboration with the UN, and all the workshops was held in the new UN building on the north-east side of Copenhagen.

Here's some snapshots from the workshop.

Jens Obel