Project: Internet Phone Installation

What does the internet sound like? The Internet Phone was a project I worked on during a two week course at CIID. The course was called Physical Computing and was lead by Massimo Banzi, co-founder of Arduino; and Dario Buzzini, design director at IDEO in NYC. The project won the Engaging category at IxD Awards 2018 and the Core77 Student Award 2017.

Me, Isak Frostå, Sebastian Hunkeler and James Zhou explored how we could make people more aware of how the internet works. We ended up creating an installation piece that we exhibited at the school and the streets of Copenhagen. 

It started with the question "What if you could call the internet?". We then hacked an old rotary phone to dial IP-addresses and read the webpages to you in the receiver. Massimo and Dario pushed us further to explore the interactions and affordances associated with a piece of old technology like the phone.

We removed the lower speaker piece of the receiver to let user insert tokens that would expand the functionality; like browser history, incognito mode and developer mode. We also designed an accompanying instruction manual and a phone book with websites and their corresponding IP-adresses. 

At the end of the two weeks we exhibited the installation at the harbor were we let passers by test the phone.

Project, CIIDJens Obel